Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Common crap:  Education in America
Joe for America – Joe the Plumber – 3/29/2014

An education system that coddles young people instead of challenging them is also partially to blame.  The shift from rewarding top performers to rewarding all participants has contributed to national shame in our current education systems.  And kids know it.   The ones who don’t try know they are not deserving of recognition. They mock the system. The ones who exert themselves with success, but are treated as just another participant, become disillusioned over lack of recognition.  Disillusionment can lead to apathy.  It’s a vicious circle, this one-reward-fits-all arrangement.

Because of imposing a so-called level playing field, or Common Core, we are at risk of seeing critical thinking go by the wayside, and seeing curiosity and ambition die.  American inventors are going the way of video cassettes and rotary phones.  Our greatest inventors of the last thirty years were educated in the 1960s and ‘70s B.C. (Before Common Core).  It’s not a coincidence that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs excelled on the personal computer scene at the same time.  Both were products of a better system of education—one that endorsed ingenuity and exploration over preparing to pass exams.

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