Wednesday, April 9, 2014


On April 8 the Northwoods Patriots hosted an Open Forum.  Julaine Appling, President of the Wisconsin Family Council and Wisconsin Family Action made a presentation on the Human Growth and Development statutes that school districts are required to follow in Wisconsin if they offer a health program that includes “sex education,” in spite of the fact that those words “sex education” are not in the statute.

Over 80 were in attendance, first as Ms Appling explained her roll in drafting language that is family friendly and respects public school children, their parents and the community at large.

Then Dr. Mike Richie and Mr. Jim Brewer, both with Northland Pines School District, followed up and offered their assurances that changes will be made in the HG&D curriculum.

Dr. Richie indicated that he will open the doors to parents to review curriculum and text books.  In addition, the School Board will appoint members of the community, as designated by the statute, to an ad hoc committee, that will review and recommend future curriculum for HG&D.

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