Saturday, April 5, 2014


Public schools deliberately creating culture of feat and setting the stage for tyranny
Freedom Outpost - Daisy Luther – 4/5/2014

What is the best way to ensure that gun control takes place within a generation?
Forget trying to change the minds of those who already have guns. The best way to do this is to encourage a culture of fear among young people.

And the public school system, with all of its zero tolerance lunacy, is doing just that. They are setting the stage for tyranny.

Case in point:

Yesterday in Baltimore, some students saw a person carrying a tripod through the school. Frightened, they reported this to administrators, which resulted in an immediate lockdown:

The tripod was a journalism student and the tripod was for his camera. However, a SWAT team descended on the school and children and parents alike were terrified after a 4 hour lockdown scenario.

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