Thursday, April 24, 2014


Texas Teachers scare, shame and bully kids about standardized tests
Eric Owens – Daily Caller – 4/23/2014

The Daily Caller has obtained the full text of the handout, entitled “What if I don’t try on the STAAR?” Click the link above to view one-page of comments from third graders, eight year old children.

It’s a doozy.

Trying is not defined on the handout. However students who don’t do it to the satisfaction of the adults at Lamar Elementary risk flunking for the entire school year – so, no pressure kids! – and being labeled as “lazy.”

The crowning achievement of the missive is a not-so-subtle threat to the kids about how teachers will suffer if the kids don’t do well enough.

“Your teacher will feel bad because you didn’t try. She gets paid for teaching you. She wants her boss to see what a good teacher she is, but if you don’t try, her boss won’t know what a good teacher she is.”

Also: “Teacher will be upset. Mom and Dad will be upset. Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Aguilera will be upset. You’ll be upset because everyone is upset with you!”

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