Sunday, April 21, 2013


35 educators indicted in Altanta

Eagle Forum – Education Reporter  April 2013

Cheating educators were highly motivated since at schools that met 70% of their annual target every employee received a bonus, as low as a few hundred dollars to over a thousand.

The prosecutor denounced “the crimes that have been committed against the children of the city of Atlanta.” Remedial assistance for students in need was not given because altered test scores showed they were doing well. Anecdotal evidence of students who were cheated out of an education was provided in the AJC. A mother who had concerns because her daughter received the lowest score on one reading examination, but later exceeded reading standards on the state achievement test, met with Superintendent Hall who assured her that her daughter “tested well.” The student is now in 9th grade, but “reads at a 5th grade level.”

The mantra in Atlanta under Hall’s reign was “No exceptions and no excuses.” The justice system should apply that same standard to those convicted of cheating students for personal gain. It is also hoped that all states will seek out and prosecute cheating by educators as seriously as Georgia is doing.
(Atlanta Journal Constitution, 03-29-2013)

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