Wednesday, April 10, 2013


NRA trumps OFA
national Review Online – Andrew Stiles

Conservative critics argue that OFA’s troubles reveal a hard truth about Obama that Democrats tend to overlook: The president’s personal popularity does not extend to his policies. “It just shows that many people wiling to carry the Obama campaign sign have no interest in getting activated on behalf on his policy goals,” says Jonathan Collegio, communications director for American Crossroads.

NRA president David Keene concurs. “They’re learning that when you put together something like they did for Obama, it’s hard to translate that into other activities,” he tells National Review Online. “They believed they had put together this machinery that they could use for darn near anything, and that just wasn’t true.”

“Democrats are mistaken to think there is broad public support for their policy platform,” he says. “The question is whether Obama can turn the enthusiasm that he generates in an election context into a governing context in the off years, and to date every attempt at this has failed.”

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