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Publius Huldah explains why Islamists don’t have the right to build mosques, proselytize or institute sharia law in America
Freedom Outpost – Tim Brown – 4/9/2013

Publius Huldah - Audio – 38 minutes

“Islam is a totalitarian system which controls every aspect of the lives of those who have the misfortune to be subjected to it. It masquerades as a religion in order to intimidate us and to claim what we have been told are First Amendment protection, but once we understand that Islam is just another vicious totalitarian system like Communism and Fascism, we can deal with it.”

She then gave encouraging words to those willing to stand up and demand that those who are ignorant of Islamic history and what is taking place around the world today at the hands of Muslims. Publius Huldah encouraged people not to be afraid to call out the multiculturists and show them the photos of what Islam does to its women. “Remember,” she said, “multiculturists are just ignorant little people who have repeated what they have been told.”

Publius Huldah rightly points out that the First Amendment doesn’t grant rights to anyone, but rather prohibits Congress from making laws about religion, speech, the press or assembly. The states retained powers to make laws about religion and speech. The states have always held that power and if you say they don’t, then why is slander, libel, intentional affliction of emotional distress and other such “speech” considered criminal? It’s because that is the states’ powers retained under the Constitution. Many of the states, even following the ratification of the Constitution had established state religions. 

Publius Huldah then lists four provisions in the Constitution are available to stop the Islamic conquest in our country.

  • The “Supremacy Clause” in Article Six, clauses 2 and 3. Since the U.S. Constitution is the law of our land, there is not a corner of our country in which Sharia is not forbidden because it is contrary to the Constitution.
  •  Article 1, Section 9, Clause 1 delegates the power to Congress to control immigration. 
  • Article 4, Section 4 requires the Federal government to protect the states from invasion. 
  • Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 authorizes Congress to call forth the militia (the armed citizens) to suppress insurrections and repel invasion. 
She then pointed out that we are allowing an Islamic invasion, and I’ll add a Hispanic invasion as well, because we simply do not know what the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution says and that we have been “conditioned” to think that all cultures are equal and that nothing special happened when America was formed.

Therefore, Islamists don’t have a right to engage in any of their activities because the First Amendment restricts Congress, but not the states from dealing in matters of speech and religion. Also it does not put forth any right in the First Amendment

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