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Illinois Tea Party Net – lots of references

National School Choice Week events - do you have one scheduled? 
Common Core Standards:

Stop Common Core YouTube Channel – five short videos – quick overview of Common Core

Truth in American Education
WI State Education Superintendent Tony Evers promotes Common Core Standards:

Good graph to look at the structure of Common Core:

Patriot Update – Is it time to abandon the public schools?
Ralph Barker – 2/18/2013

Stop Common Core

Utahns Against Common Core 

This is a series of 5 short videos explaining Common Core.    I have included a link to all 5 videos.  They are short videos…..most 10 minutes or less.
Click for Part 1:
Chapter 1      Origins of the Common Core
Chapter 2      Testing Mandates
Click for Part 2:
Chapter 3      Education Without Representation
Chapter 4      Sub-Standard Standards
Click for Part 3:
Chapter 5      Intrusive Data Tracking
Chapter 6      High Price Tag
Click for Part 4:
Chapter 7      National Standards Do More Harm Than Good
Chapter 8      Future Effect of Common Core
Click for Part 5:
Chapter 9      Where Does All This Lead?
Chapter 10    Take Action!

This is a good report.


Common Core Opt-Out form now available, prepared by Michelle Malkin
(to enlarge the view, hold down Control key and roll Mouse wheel)
Her website post numerous Common Core links.

Townhall – Rotten to the core – the Fed’s Invasive student tracking database
Wisconsin 921 Project – Common Core State Standards Initiative

Eagle Forum - Common Core Math "experiment" in U.S. Schools

Shake & Wake - Education problems in Michigan

What is Common Core - National Twitter Rally


Northwoods Patriots - Standing up for Faith, Family, Country -

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