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Liberals cannot succeed in marketplace of ideas
Politichicks – Angela Love – 3/30/2013

I was very excited last fall when I signed up for one of the required college courses I have to take, “Cross-Cultural Management,” to fulfill the degree requirements to obtain my Bachelor’s degree.

I thought the course would give me the foundation to bring people together of different ethics background to work efficiently in the workplace.  I was wrong about the course, though.   The entire class was focused on teaching students how to see “discrimination” in the workplace, television programs, movies, music, and much more. In the first week, the class had to read a paper about “white male power.” 

I often wondered during the eight-week course, “How is learning to see discrimination through the lenses of negatively going to make me a better leader?”  The answer was, “It won’t.”  It will cause me to become a person who only looks for problems that don’t exist, so I have something to complain about, rather than a person who looks for solutions to problems arising naturally throughout the workweek.  I don’t want to be a person who is always looking for the ulterior motives in others.

My main concern with this story . . .  is the apparent shift of colleges and universities away from true academia and toward pushing a social agenda hidden within the layers of required courses.  Isn’t college a time for students to acquire the knowledge and skills to become productive citizens in society?   I fear, though, liberals have found a place to stealthily desensitize the impressionable young minds that are still being developed, which is through the educational system.

In the marketplace of ideas, liberals cannot succeed on their own.  Overall, they are unable to figure out how to push through their ideals and liberal agenda in the workplace, so they have cleverly entered the educational system in order to seduce the minds of our youth before our youth have a chance to learn how to critically think for themselves. 

They accomplish this in an environment where parents cannot protect and oversee all that is being taught to their receptive children.  By the time children enter college, they have been so desensitized to believe in a set of moral absolutes, that it isn’t surprising that only one student, Rotela, in who knows how many semesters, has taken a stand against such atrocious behavior toward Christians.

Schools, especially colleges and universities, should be teaching students self-reliance, the meaning of working toward achieving goals, responsibility for one’s behavior, and respect for ALL individuals. 

  • Instead, we have educators with liberal ideologies
  • teaching students to find every opportunity to have others support them
  • goals are unnecessary when others meet all of their needs
  • there is no need for being responsible for one’s behavior
  • because there are no moral absolutes;
  • respect is only shown to those who agree with these ideals
College is supposed to be where we let our little birds take all we have taught them and then begin to fly into the world to make a place for themselves.  A place where they are productive and become a voice in the marketplace of ideas to improve upon the groundwork others have laid down before them to better our society, our country.

Conservatives are productive citizens who want to make it own their own.  They don’t want others in society paying their way.  They want to experience the taste of victory when they achieve an accomplishment. Additionally, most are Christians want the freedom, as provided by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution, to live according to their Christians beliefs.  They want to pass their beliefs onto their children.  They want the freedom to pray and read their Bible anywhere and at any time. 

Why does our country seem to tolerate all religions except Christians and Jews?

IT’S BECAUSE LIBERALS HAVE A STRONGHOLD ON OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM.  Liberals who don’t like living by a set of morals absolutes, because in doing so, it would mean people would have to accept personal responsibility for themselves and no longer look to the government to take care of their needs.  And, when people aren’t relying on the government to give them everything, the government no longer has control over those people.

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