Friday, November 8, 2013


Next-Generation Flash Mogs:  The breakdown of law and order
Freedom Outpost – Mac Slavo – 11/8-2013

Some city officials in Chicago have even appealed to the state and federal government for help, recently calling for martial law to be declared and for the military to intervene.
This is the state of affairs in the U.S., and the organized crime waves are spreading.

Residents in suburbs of Oakland and Houston have been forced to hire private security teams to help maintain law and order in their neighborhoods, while millions of Americans across the country are arming up in those jurisdictions that allow firearms ownership.

Chicago, it seems, is an example of what happens when law and order breaks down and residents have no way of protecting themselves because of restrictive gun laws.

A look at the surveillance footage above shows how indiscriminately a large mob of individuals behaves. As Tess Pennington notes in her preparedness series on Flash Mobs, if you ever encounter a flash mob threat, remember who you are dealing with:

For the most part the participants of these mobs are urban delinquents whose only goal is to steal and cause violence.

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