Friday, November 8, 2013


Yes, Virginia, Elections are stolen
Eagle Rising – David Whitley – 11/8/2013

In the Virginia Governor race, the will of the people was thwarted.  Not because of any voting machine irregularities or polling place intimidation or lost ballots.  The election was stolen because the Democrat Party and the McAuliffe campaign colluded in bringing in third party candidate, Libertarian Robert C. Sarvis by assisting him with donations ensuring his ability to get on the ballot.  He was specifically helped with donations from liberal software billionaire bundler Joe Liemandt.  This subversive, unethical tactic was to skim off enough conservative leaning libertarian votes to Sarvis, swaying a close election into McAuliffe's favor.  Their plan worked like a charm!

With 7% of the vote, Robert C. Sarvis effectively took the election away from Cuccinelli and gave it to McAuliffe.  The plan worked masterfully.  McAuliffe has been declared the winner, yet had those 7% (which the bulk most likely would have) gone to Ken Cuccinelli, he would have easily been the winner and next Governor of Virginia.

So you see how the people of Virginia (or any other state) collectively can vote conservative/libertarian and still end up with a liberal Democrat governor or Senator?  It is called divide and conquer.  It's called pitting one against another.  It's how those who love and believe deeply in liberty keep their government in the hands of socialists and never seem to figure out why

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