Friday, November 1, 2013


The Race Card
Times-Herald – Opinion – Winnon Gilley

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Face facts: If the white half of Obama were showing rather than the black half, then the majority of the black community would have long ago called for his impeachment. The facts are, you are not better off than you were five years ago. As Dr. Ben Carson has said, the black community is becoming slaves to Democratic liberals.

I am not a racist and never have been, however, I'm losing all respect for the majority of blacks for two reasons: first, the deliberate playing of the race card about everything; and second, the deplorable use of African-American to describe yourselves. I have never and will never put any country before America in name or otherwise. I fought for it and saw many fine Americans, both black and white and other ethnic origins, die for it. But what I did not see was Africans fighting and dying for America.

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