Thursday, November 21, 2013


Answers to Chicago Tribune Columnist on effects of same-sex faux “marriage”
Illinois Family Institute – Laurie Higgins – 11/20/2013

In preparation for today’s column on same-sex  ”marriage,” Mr. Zorn emailed me this question: “What if any practical, difference will this make to those of us who are happily married mothers and fathers? I can’t think of any, but given the animation of groups like yours I thought you surely can.”

Here is my response:
Hi Eric,

With all due respect, the question, “How will the legalization of same-sex ‘marriage’ affect any particular existing marriage” is a silly question. Of course, the legalization of same-sex marriage will not affect my marriage. Similarly, the legalization of plural marriages or marriages between close blood relatives would not affect my marriage.

Some of us have concerns about the radical redefinition of marriage that go beyond the personal and parochial. We’re concerned about the rights of all children, the rights of parents five, ten, or twenty years in the future. And we’re concerned about religious liberty for our children and our children’s children. What “animates” us—to use your term—is far greater than our immediate self-interests.

Please click the link above for a very thoughtful discussion on marriage and why the re-definition of marriage to include homosexuals does not move society or culture forward, but does just the opposite. 

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