Saturday, November 9, 2013


Please watch the video to understand the system of currency (or money, as they call it) to understand how this country got into so much debt and so much slavery because of debt. 

The video linked below explains it easily and simply and in 30 minutes.

They use different terminology when explaining fractional-reserve banking and suggest that the 10% withheld from a deposit represents fractional-reserve banking (the 10% is sent to the FDIC to pay for deposit insurance and has nothing to do with fractional-reserve banking which has to do with credit, not deposits), but though fractional-reserve is the primary reason behind the creation of our currency (not money). 

This is an easy-to-understand video.  Please take the time to watch it at least once... and if you really want to understand it, take the time to watch it again. 

It's not that long and it will help you understand the Federal Reserve System.

They don't teach this stuff in school.

If you're going to be angry at the Federal Reserve System and/or the United States Congress or the President, at least make the effort to find out why you're angry.  Find out why your deposit accounts in a bank make you an unsecured creditor of the bank, find out why it is impossible to stop the insane spending without destroying the entire banking system. The video is short and easy to watch.

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