Thursday, July 25, 2013


 How much has Marxism infiltrated America and when did it start?
Freedom Outpost – Fred DeRuvo – 7/25/2013

Finally, we read the words of historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. He believes the CFR is a “front organization for the heart of the American Establishment.” [7]

We either have a shadow government or we do not. It’s that simple. It would seem that Marxists have had their fingers in the dealings of America since shortly after its inception. What is fascinating is that many of the same people who were part of Jimmy Carter’s administration were also part of Clinton’s and now Obama’s. Most of Obama’s advisors are members of the CFR. It’s simply a revolving door. These individuals are the ones who bring the agenda to fruition.

It’s very possible America has been moving toward Marxism since the days of Woodrow Wilson and possibly even before. It certainly seems as though Obama has shifted things into high gear.

We cannot undo the past. The most we can do is push back against Marxism’s continued infiltration of society.

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