Saturday, July 6, 2013


July 4th, What is Independence About?
Political Outcast – Dave Jolly – 7/4/2013

I had the opportunity to talk to my granddaughter and ask her what they taught her in school about America.  She told me that they had taught her a little about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but mostly they taught her all about President Obama and how great he is. When I heard what the public schools had been teaching our children and grandchildren, I was angry and yet at the same time, I almost wanted to cry.

I pushed the subject a little further and asked Megan if they taught her anything about why the Pilgrims came to America or why we fought the British in the Revolutionary War and she looked at me like I had been asking about quantum physics.  What I did find out was that she had been taught about globalism and how we should all be working together to save the planet.

Have you ever asked your children if they understood what July 4th was all about or if they knew America’s Christian history?  Have you ever sat down with them and read Deut. 6 or Psalm 78 and showed them how that relates to America?

I challenge all of you to make this July 4th weekend a special one and teach your children what it is all about.  Teach them about the Pilgrims and why they came to America.  Tell them about the thousands of men and women who sacrificed so much to win our independence.

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