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How to stop the next Melowese Richardson
True the Vote – Catherine Engelbrecht – 7/22/2013

America has three big problems that prevent us from improving the state of our elections: an apathetic electorate, a lax electoral process, and chronic political correctness.  Stated another way, most American voters don’t really value their vote.  This is evidenced by our abysmal rate of voter turnout.  In fact, our voter turnout rate ranks dead last when compared to any other industrialized nation in the world. 

When you don’t value something there’s no incentive to improve it; so there it sits, weaknesses plainly on display for the all the Meloweses of the world.  Increasingly lax standards in our election process inevitably produce increasingly unreliable results.  And the few conversations that are had about how to shore up these weaknesses are immediately seized upon by certain politicians and special interest groups as fuel to further divide us based on drummed up race and class based narratives, stifling communication and leading to further voter disconnect.  It’s a vicious cycle, but it can be fixed if citizens wake up, stand up, and refuse to settle for a broken system.

The first, easiest, most meaningful fix is to volunteer; to serve inside the polls, or help review absentee ballots, or help register voters.  A study conducted by Pew Research in 2008 showed that our country had only half the necessary number of election workers.  Since then things have only gone downhill.  Add to that the fact that the average volunteer is 72 years old

Does photo voter ID help prevent election fraud crimes?  Absolutely.  Are voter ID laws critically necessary?  Absolutely.  But they wouldn’t have stopped Melowese. Her crimes were made possible by gaining the absentee ballot system; yet another weak link in our elections. 
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