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10 Takeaways from the Senate immigration fiasco
Townhall – Hugh Hewitt – 6/29/2013

Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota. It is pretty clear he got terrible advice on how statutes actually work when interpreted by the courts, and worse advice on what the fence meant to border security conservatives. We too often assume that legislators actually know how the laws they think they are drafting will actually work.
There wasn't a member of Congress in the early '70s who knew how the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, and Clean Air Acts would turn out to be twisted engines of anti-growth extremism, and as the Hoeven interview made clear, one of the authors of the key amendment actually thought he was mandating a fence that would work when he was doing exactly the opposite.

1. The need for real reform is enormous . . .

2. . . . . Without real border security, the humanitarian situation will only deteriorate further. The solution begins with a strong fence.

3. . . . If the illegal immigrant population is regularized, it cannot be eligible for Obamacare (the cost would be staggering). Neither should this ineligibility become a reason for employers to prefer the newly regularized over citizens and legal residents with green cards.

4. The demand for a fence is real, and it must be mandated with specific language. It must extend across tribal lands where necessary, it must contain citizen standing to sue for enforcement, it must trump all contrary laws which contain citizen standing provisions that could be used to block it, and it must have detailed construction specs and mapping. The fence is the first line of defense against a recurrence of this problem, . . . Put in writing on a map where and why the double-layered fencing will be built and the where and why it won't be built. In no other business in the world would such sloppiness on such a key issue be tolerated.

5. No bill is better than a terrible bill. . .

6. Senator Marco Rubio remains a GOP superstar . . . . The immunization process is painful, but Rubio's a pretty tough character.

8. . . . The border fence remains the physical expression of a national resolve to stop not just illegal immigration, but also terrorism and trans-national crime.

10. . . . at the close of the first chapter of the immigration reform debate, one written largely by Chuck Schumer.

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