Sunday, July 14, 2013


 Why “My mother regretted her abortion” is such an important essay
National Right to Life News – David Andrusko – 7/12/2013

Which is why LeCroy’s explanation of how her mother came to grips with her abortion is so important—and so different from what pro-abortionists peddle. Let me quote a pivotal paragraph from LeCroy, referring to her mother’s talk at a 2013 National Right to Life Convention workshop:

“As my mother told the audience that day, she did not begin to heal until she understood the reality and victimhood of her aborted child. She realized that whatever hardship the baby might have caused her, it could not compare to the pain she was suffering in the wake of abortion. As long as she rationalized her choice with the notion that having a baby would have ruined her life, her secret grief festered. But one bright afternoon at her kitchen table, a moment of realization came full force. There was no moral basis for her abortion. Her so-called choice had ended the life of an innocent human being who was her own child. When she embraced these difficult truths, she was finally able to acknowledge her grief, find the peace she longed for, and begin the healing process.”

The pro-abortionist wants the post-aborted woman to continue living a lie, and leave her in emotional bondage. 

The pro-lifer desires to help acknowledge the truth and set her free.

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