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A nation founded by statemen being run by shady politicians today
Patriot Update – Sean Aland – 7/21/2012

This month we celebrated America’s birthday, the 4th of July.  The significance of those who were willing to risk everything to see this great nation come into being cannot be over stated.  As part of our family celebration we discussed how the Declaration of Independence was passed on the 2nd of July and Independence declared the 4th of July.  The Constitution of the U.S. would be ratified 11 years later. Before it was passed, the Constitution had been scrutinized word by word.  Everyone involved understood what was in it; unlike today where our elected officials pass legislation without even reading it.

Our founders were citizen legislators and public servants.  They stayed at home among their constituents and came to Washington to pass legislation only on an “as needed” basis.  They were not career politicians and power brokers.  They had character, strong moral values, and a healthy fear of God.

The political elites have forgotten the sacrifices made by our founding statesman years ago and that are still being made today by our military.  It is not the rhetoric of self-serving politicians but the actions of statesman who are willing to sacrifice it all for the ideas of our Constitution that provides our freedom and liberty.

For years the progressives that were slowing taking over the Democratic Party methodically employed steps to dumb down the American populace.  Courses like Civics were no longer required in the public schools.  Consequently, young people now have no idea how their government works.  American government and U.S. History used to be required subjects for freshman in college but now they are just electives.  Add to this the liberal tripe that college professors pour into the mush-melon heads of college students and you end up with uninformed young people who believe everything the liberal media mavens tell them.

The Tea Party stands for some hard truths the current administration wishes to diminish or ignore.  The Tea Party is about transforming America by responsibly upholding the Constitution and the values our nation was founded on.  Tea Party patriots are fighting progressive politicians in both political parties.  Politicians today are concerned only with holding onto power to control the government. 

There are no longer any statesmen in Washington, D.C.—just politicians who pass legislation to pay off lobbyists, for personal gain, or more recently to see what is in it. This is Congress for sale.  Politicians today want to run your life, make their fortune and take your fortune, and certainly have no honor as is demonstrated by the way they conduct themselves, sell their votes, pass porked-up legislation, and  blatantly lie to advance their agenda.

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