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Social problems in America and liberal policy making
Patriot Update – David L. Goetsch – 3/11/2013

Do liberal policies alleviate or exacerbate social problems?

Liberal policies have exacerbated racism and discrimination in America. Liberal policies originally intended to give minorities equal opportunities soon morphed into government enforced demands for equal results, which created a sense of racial favoritism and racial entitlement, two phenomena that, predictably, have bred racial resentment.

Further, liberal policies have not eliminated racial discrimination.  Rather, these policies have just reversed who is being discriminated against. Minorities who do not subscribe to liberal policies on race or the liberal politicians who favor those policies are discriminated against by other minorities who scorn, belittle, and attack them.

When minorities are told they have only one acceptable choice when selecting political parties, taking stands on issues, or voting in elections, they are being discriminated against even if those who attack and scorn them are of the same race and/or gender.

Because of the inherent shortcomings of big government policies, the only way to truly and fairly end racial discrimination in America is to establish a society in which decisions are made on the basis of merit rather than race.

There is no Affirmative Action in professional sports. To make the team you have to outperform everyone else who wants the position you want. Once you have earned a spot on the team, you must continue to outperform the competition to keep your position.

Try to imagine what would happen to the quality of play, competitiveness, and public appeal of professional sports if teams were required to practice Affirmative Action. Now consider that this unlikely situation is occurring every day in America in business, industry, colleges, and universities.

Affirmative Action and other liberal policies relating to race and gender had their place in another time and another age.   It is time for America to move beyond Affirmative Action and other so-called equal opportunity policies to a merit-based society that promotes and encourages hard work, innovation, entrepreneurship and that rewards on the basis of performance.

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