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A pessimistic Nation – and six principles to help get over it
Townhall – Bob Beauprez – 3/3/2012

Unsurprisingly, with pessimism running so strongly, Americans are less than confident in their leaders and government dissatisfaction is on the rise. For the first time ever, the Pew Research Center reports that a majority of Americans (53 percent) believe "the federal government threatens their personal rights and freedoms."

Public trust in government as documented by Pew since 1958, reached a historic low in 2012, with more that 4-in-5 Americans expressing varying degrees of distrust. Even with Obama in the White House, 59 percent of Democrats currently express distrust of government; 78% of Independents.

The recent "fiscal cliff" debacle culminating without any long-term solution exacerbated an already anxious and frustrated people. During those tense weeks of negotiations in December 2012, Rasmussen found that 73 percent of Americans surveyed favored cutting government spending to aid economic recovery. But, Washington was in denial.

Key consensus principles include:
1. Don't raise taxes
2. Reform Entitlements
3. Adopt strict Spending Limits
4. Systemic Reform of the Tax Code
5. Put the Brakes on Regulations
6. Preserve our national security

The six principles above may not be complete, but they would be a good place to start if Congress and the President were only serious about trying to restore confidence and belief in the permanence of this great Republic.

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