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VOTE YOUR VALUES WISCONSIN has prepared a non-partisan candidate fact sheet for the two state-wide races.


For current information see:  WI DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC EDUCATION – State Superintendent of Education, Tony Evers -

  • Are Wisconsin educators for children or teachers? 
  • Under-performing teachers face annual review rather than every three years. 
  • What options are available for children in the classes of underperforming teachers? 
  • Are vouchers or charter schools available for all children in Wisconsin
  • Check out SCHOOL REPORT CARDS to see results for your local school.
  • Does your high school have a five-year plan (not just four years)? 
  • How many students perform at Advanced, Proficient or Basic?
  • Take a deep look at your local school through this website because 83% gets a light shade of green.
Can parents easily find the following?

  • Educational cost per pupil
  • Has American history been replaced by Common Core Standards
  • List of referendums – when / why
  • Include the mill rate – for every $100,000 real estate assessed valuation, what percentage applies to the local school district?
  • In phonics taught in elementary schools?  If not, why not?
  • Student / teacher ratio
  • Student / administrative / support ratio
  • Are vouchers available?
  • Any local charter school website -
  • Home school website -
  • Teacher Evaluation Process -

Are Wisconsin schools pioneers in Anti-American curriculum?  Bold leaders enacting the Common Core standards made national news last week when the "White Privilege" classes were exposed.  Who decides that taxpayers should pay for these types of programs?  Is it the Secretary of the Department of Education or the WI State School Superintendent?  Here’s an article about “white privilege:”

Wisconsin teacher program treats Thanksgiving like alien invasion, undermines American history –
MADISON, Wis.CREATE Wisconsin, a teachers training program sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, has more than one item on its questionable agenda.  First and foremost is its fascination with the concept of “white privilege,” and the theory that it causes millions of minority children to struggle in school and be unfairly placed in special education programs.  The program encourages teachers to customize education to minority students as much as possible, since it claims it’s unfair to expect them to succeed in today’s K-12 classrooms.
    But CREATE Wisconsin is about much more than education. It seems clear that most of the people behind the program have a dim view of the United States, its history, and its socio-economic system. If they’re not avowed Marxists, these folks are the next best thing.

The lesson plan on the CREATE Wisconsin website admits that the above story is “simplistic and somewhat melodramatic.”  On the Create Wisconsin website you’ll note all the “cultural” events on the home page, but where’s American History or the Founders?
Let's CREATE Wisconsin! - - Culturally responsive education for all
Every Wisconsin student has the ability to learn, yet we struggle to effectively educate all students. Too often, race is a predictor of success in Wisconsin schools. We want to change that.
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Wisconsin school districts and Cooperative Educational Service Agencies are teaming up to identify, promote and implement new practices.
Our goal: transform our schools and unlock the potential of all students.

Northwoods Patriots - Standing up for Faith, Family, Country -

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