Saturday, May 25, 2013


Abortion doctor testifies before Congress, revealing deeply disturbing details
Last Resistance – Frank Camp – 5/25/2013

Dr. Levatino – a doctor who performed over 1200 abortions

In his testimony before a Congressional Committee, urged passage of a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks.

“In my 33-year career, I have been privileged to practice obstetrics and gynecology in both private and university settings…We practiced general obstetrics and gynecology but abortion was definitely part of that practice. Relatively few gynecologists in upstate NY would perform such a procedure and we saw an opportunity to expand our abortion practice…Imagine if you can that you are a pro-choice obstetrician/gynecologist like I once was.

Your patient today is 24 weeks pregnant…If you could see her baby, which is quite easy on an ultrasound, she would be as long as your hand plus a half from the top of her head to the bottom of her rump not counting the legs. Your patient has been feeling her baby kick for the last 2 months or more…

Once you have grasped something inside [with the Sopher clamp], squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard–really hard. You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg about six inches long.

Reach in again and grasp whatever you can. Set the jaw and pull really hard once again and out pops an arm about the same length. Reach in again and again with that clamp and tear out the spine, intestines, heart and lungs…

Congratulations! You just affirmed her right to choose…If you refuse to believe that this procedure inflicts severe pain on that unborn child, please think again.”

To see God, we must first see the Devil. To understand what is right, we must know what is wrong. To understand good, we must look directly into the eyes of darkness. How can we turn away from evil if we don’t recognize it?

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