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Dangers of Big Government
Townhall – Rich Tucker – 5/26/2013

Let us now praise David Axelrod.  “Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast,” the president’s former right-hand-man explained on MSNBC recently. He was attempting to defend Barack Obama, (IRS - Justice Department - Associated Press – Benghazi).

Axelrod’s defense, of course, doesn’t apply to the real world.

Since 2002, the federal government has required CEOs and CFOs to sign forms taking responsibility for the company’s financial reports. No matter how large of an empire they oversee, they could well be charged with a crime if an accountant fails to carry the two somewhere along the line.

By this standard, Obama would be responsible for the workings of his government because he’s the chief executive.

The federal government is, indeed, too large and unwieldy.  Let’s take the logical step: cut the federal government down to its proper size.

As Rep. Paul Ryan puts it, “big government is bad in theory, but it’s much worse in practice. And effective government, that is good government that’s limited, focuses in on our core duties.”

It seems that nobody is in charge. The president assures us he had no idea his Department of Justice was seeking phone records from AP reporters. He insists he had no idea the IRS was giving special scrutiny to Tea Party groups.

Even if we take him at his word, that means accepting the fact that no elected official can control the bureaucracy.

Joe Postell writes that this is because the administrative state is an unelected fourth branch of government, one which isn’t controlled by the executive or legislative branches. Presidents come and go, at predictable intervals. Career civil servants, with permanent job status, can survive most scandals.

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