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Indiana Supreme Court upholds voucher program
Education Reporter – May 2013

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled in March 2013 that the state voucher program allowing school choice for parents and students is constitutional. The unanimous court decision stated that it is within the legislature’s power to provide vouchers and that public tax dollars can be used to fund private school tuition, even if the school has a religious affiliation.

The ruling is a major victory for those who support educational choice; it allows lower-income families to send their children to private school if they feel that public schools are wrong for their children.

In 2011 almost 4,000 Indiana students used vouchers and the number jumped to over 9,000 in 2012. While there were limits on the number of students who could use vouchers in the first two years of the program, there are no limits in place for future years.

It is unlikely that plaintiffs will pursue a federal case because the Supreme Court already ruled that voucher programs are legal in a 2002 decision on an Ohio case. (Indianapolis Star, 03-27-13)

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