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Essay: Common Core poses ‘real threat’ of loss of privacy
Posted on May 18, 2013 by ilpatriot

Daily Herald – Editor's note: This is a personal essay from Oak Norton of Highland, a father of five.

So what’s the real agenda behind Common Core?

In 2004, Microsoft signed a contract with UNESCO, the U.N. education arm, to create a global education system. You can read that agreement at the UNESCO website here:

Bill Gates knew that education was a huge multibillion dollar industry and if he could be at the crest of that wave, he would make billions. All he needed to do was centralize education, and with publishing partners Pearson and McGraw-Hill began a multiprong process to standardize and eliminate local variances in education.

Gates put millions of dollars to the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers to create Common Core standards. The federal government is barred by law from creating national standards, but these non-governmental organizations were able to create them and claim that it was a state-led effort. It never was state-led, it was Gates-led. The Utah State Office of Education didn’t even know who was on the drafting committee until the standards were completed.

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