Saturday, May 25, 2013


With Amendments, Senate immigration bill soars pass 1,000 pages
Washington Examiner – Conn Carroll – 5/24/2013

After two weeks of amendments, S. 744, the bipartisan immigration reform bill voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday night, is now more than 1,000 pages long, according to a committee aide. When the bill was first submitted to the Senate, it was just 844 pages.

The bill is far more liberal than when it was first introduced. Of the 81 Democratic amendments offered, 80 were accepted, and just one was rejected.

The pro-amnesty Republicans on the committee — Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Orrin Hatch of Utah — submitted 15 amendments, and all 15 were adopted.

Meanwhile, the pro-border security Republicans on the committee had 49 of their amendments rejected.

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