Friday, May 24, 2013


College is an indoctrination center
Last Resistance – Frank Camp – 5/22/2013

Universities have become indoctrination centers, where we are taught to see things in only one way: the Liberal way. We go from class to class, learning a twisted history, with warped facts, that ultimately make the weak-minded among us perceive the world in a particular way. This being the case, universities are creating an army of graduates who know little of the real world; and rely on fictional arguments to get by.

This faux education is essentially creating a generation of adults who are unable to argue with any sense of reality; relying on illogical premises, and unsound facts to make their case. Logic bounces off of them like bullets off of Superman.

Young people have malleable minds, and having someone like the very liberal Michael Bloomberg rail on gun rights advocates for 40 minutes during his commencement speech can’t be a good thing. Over the course of four years, students are being taught one side of an argument. Unfortunately, it’s the side that uses neither facts nor anything else that is substantive.

A true college experience would be four years of even-sided debate, leaving students to come up with their own results. One cannot call themselves informed without knowing both sides of an argument. As it stands, we are inheriting a generation of lopsided, illogical, intellectually stunted individuals.

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