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Local school boards have the legal right to reject common core standards
EAG News – Karen Schroeder – 9/5/2013

MADISON - Here’s some news that may interest Wisconsin residents who are worried about state-imposed Common Core academic standards:
Local school boards have the legal right to dump Common Core and pick another set of standards without losing a penny of state or federal aid.
State legislatures and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction have, in my opinion, kept this information very close to the vest. That is deceit of the ugliest kind.

I  contacted DPI and asked the following question: If a school district decides to reject Common Core standards and replace them with a superior set of standards, will that school district still receive state and/or federal funds?

I received the following response from Emilie Amundsen, director of the Common Core State Standards Team at DPI:

“Yes. In Wisconsin, each school board has the statutory authority to adopt the state standards or any other set of standards, inferior or superior. This is called local control. When applied to schools, local control means that decisions about standards, curriculum and instruction are made at the local level. School districts must have standards. The type, quality and scope of those standards are left to local school boards to decide. This has always been the case in Wisconsin, and this has not changed as a result of Wisconsin adopting Common Core state standards.”

EAGnews is trying to contact education officials in numerous states, to determine if their districts also have the right to opt out of Common Core.

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