Thursday, September 12, 2013


9-11, 2013:  Treason and Betrayal in the White House
patriot Update – Tad Cronn

The definition of treason, according to the Legal Dictionary, is “the betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.”

Al-Qaeda is our enemy. It has always considered itself such, and on 9-11, we finally realized it too.

Why then is President Obama siding with the al-Qaeda-led “rebels” in Syria?
Obama has forgotten, or possibly never cared, about the victims of 9-11.  In May of this year he declared the War on Terror was over and al-Qaeda was “on a path” to defeat.

Yet, here we are, providing aid and comfort to our sworn enemies and standing on the verge of doing their dirty work by getting rid of Syria’s current government.
It’s a betrayal of the memories of those murdered on 9-11, and it meets the definition of treason by aiding our enemies. Yet Obama remains in office. His flunkies, too, remain in office.

The War on Terror was about seeking justice. Where’s the justice now?
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