Saturday, September 28, 2013


Frau Feinstein, about that Freedom of Speech thing . . .
Freedom Outpost – Darwin Rockantansky

The issue that Frau Feinstein is attempting to address is the the so called “Shield Law”; a basic tenant of the free press which supports the position that a “reporter” cannot be forced to reveal their sources. The conundrum facing Frau Feinstein is just who does she get to classify as a “reporter” or a member of the “press.”

And therein lies the rub. When “The Shield Law” was tested in the Supreme Court in 1972, the decision was 5/4 and was not a clear and absolute decision. Various states have enacted their own “Shield Laws,” which thankfully only muddies the water for Frau Feinstein. When most of these laws were passed, “The Press” was strictly limited to the printed word on paper. The advent of the internet set new paradigms to the meaning of the word “press."

We The People are at war with our government; a war of ideals. Those who are in a position to share information with us today will do so in the future so long as they are secure in the knowledge that they will never be exposed. Limiting the application of the Shield Law to only those “certified” by the government does nothing more than to strengthen the government’s strangle hold on the free flow of information.
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