Saturday, September 28, 2013


What Liberal policies have really done for Black Americans.
Patriot Update – David L. Goetsch – 9/27/2013

I cannot think of a more powerful renunciation of the liberal policies that have led to the government entitlements that have held black Americans back for decades.  Dr. King spoke, marched, wrote, and eventually died trying to win equality—not special treatment—for black Americans. 

Frederick Douglas wanted only to see black Americans afforded the same rights as all other Americans.  He did not demand Affirmative Action programs or government entitlements.  He simply wanted blacks to have the same rights as other Americans to pursue a better life by applying themselves to the task without artificial racial barriers put in their way.

There is no question that the foundational elements of Civil Rights legislation—equality in voting, housing, education, and access—were necessary steps in the right direction.  The original Civil Rights Act was neither liberal nor conservative.  Rather, it was simply Americans of good will finally setting things right that should have been set right long before.

Civil Rights legislation represented the steps necessary to do what Frederick Douglas demanded for black Americans: give them a level playing field and then get out of their way.  But the ink was hardly dry on Civil Rights legislation before liberals started using the power of government to do precisely what Douglas so clearly warned against.

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