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Mark Levin Refuted – keep the Feds in check with Nullification, not Amendments
Freedom Outpost – Publius Huldah  9/14/2013

This 4500-word article disputes the case raised by Mark Levin in his latest book.

Her conclusion:

It is the duty of the individual states to nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government.

Chart – Federal / State structure

This chart will get you started. Learn about nullification. Form delegations and go to your State Legislators, educate them and demand they start nullifying unconstitutional acts of the federal government.

If Legislators aren't willing to renounce federal funding, recall or defeat them!

James Madison Rebukes Nullification Deniers
Publius Huldah – 1/31/2103

Federalist No 44
Founding Fathers Info – James Madison - 1/25/1788

What should states do when the federal government usurps power?  Advice from James Madison, Father of the US Constitution
Freedom Outpost – Publius Huldah – 5/1/2013

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