Saturday, September 14, 2013


Rent-a-teacher bill passes out of committee
Watch Dog – Ryan Ekvall – 9/13/2013

Lawmakers on Thursday unanimously passed a bill out of committee that could reduce aid to rural school districts and make it easier for retired teachers to skirt a new law aimed at reducing “double dipping” — the practice of collecting a public pension and then going back to work for the government.

Retired teachers who receive paychecks from a third-party service, or ‘rent-a-sub’ agency, instead of the school district would bypass a new state law that requires a 75-day separation window before a retiree collecting a public pension check goes back to government work.  The bill also allows two-thirds work — 880 hours per school year for teachers — before pension checks are put on hold.

READER COMMENT:  "The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, for example, recorded 11,000 teacher absences last year, about 16 absences per teacher..." Let's see, they work nine months out of the year, get multiple days off for "Planning days", "Early Release days", etc., yet are still absent an average of almost 2 days a month, (or about 10% of the time considering a 20 work-day month). Does anyone else see an issue with attendance here?

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