Thursday, September 12, 2013


Liberalism and the Future of the World
Patriot Update – Jonathon Dunn – 9/10/2013
The 100 year march of Liberalism that started with the New Deal and has reached a peak with Barack Obama is extremely hypocritical and only has 2 real principals. One is the constant expansion of government so politicians will always have jobs and power for life (while they spin it in ways to make out we are on the side of the people) and two it’s all about the person in charge, not their actions. Bill Clinton paved the way for this, but Barack Obama has certainly perfected it.

If you look deeply at poll numbers of Obama you will see he has approval in the 30’s for a lot of issues, but between mid 40’s and 50’s on whether people like him or not. Obama is a Cult of Personality (Hat tip: Mark Levin) and it is never about policies he is pushing, or their actual results because if it was, he would have lost in 2012. NO, instead it is about him and whether you like him or not. The thinking is, if you like me, you will trust me and I will be like you friend – and of course a friend would only ever act in your best interests, RIGHT? 

Obama works on this in two ways. Firstly he has openly hired a “Behavioural Insights Team” who are helping to shape people’s behaviour and nudge you in the direction he feels is right and secondly they work to quieten ANY dissent. From the moment he stepped into office, any criticism was because he was black not because he could be wrong. When you start down this road, even something silly like a rodeo clown wearing a mask of the President must be stopped. You see Obama is the messiah and the chosen one to save mankind, hence why liberals never speak out against people putting his face on the flag instead of the stars – the individual nor the individual states matter, it’s all about Obama.

But lastly we need leaders – we need leaders in our homes, our towns, our churches and society. We need leaders to lead by example and fight for what is right.


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