Sunday, September 22, 2013


You won’t believe what the National Parks Services are praising Islam for
Freedom Outpost – Janna Brock – 9/21/2013

The National Parks Services produces two videos of Muslim school children saying we’re not terrorists.  But the National Parks Services doesn’t have any Muslim adults on camera making those statements.

The National Parks service is working overtime to "convince" gullible people that Islam is a leader in women's rights. It's deplorable. Gang rapes, honor killings, and atrocious stories of abuse are found coming from all parts of the world. And they have one thing in common: Islam.

Is the National Parks Service getting money for this via the federal government? Surely. Just like Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer money, so is the National Park Service. We just don't see it all first hand, but it's happening.

The National Parks Service has also made inroads promoting "marriage rights" for The LGBT population. So their uproarious support of Islam's women's rights is hardly surprising. Lies are lies and when told enough, people start believing them.

The National Park Services might make another movie:  Christian children and adults:  We're not terrorists.

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