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The UN prepares to expose the global warming lie
Freedom Outpost –
Dean Garrison – 9/15/2013

Click the link - see the chart - "projections" going up costing $billions  - reality - normal temperatures - lost jobs - lost productivity - lost homes - lost industries - ALL BASED ON LIES -- FOLLOW THE MONEY

As we see our President throw money at Green Energy companies like they were his college Coke Dealers, there is a major report getting ready to hit the United Nations. Apparently 36 of 38 computer generated models were wrong, and now the scientific community is forced to admit that the earth is warming at roughly half the rate they previously stated.

Think about all of the hundreds of billions, or possibly trillions of dollars that the world has spent to be more environmentally friendly in recent years. Don't take that the wrong way. We should respect the earth but think about all of the decisions that are made based on environmental issues. The Keystone Pipeline comes to mind. What about Obama's current war on coal producers?

When decisions that hurt us economically (like "green" investments that have not paid off) are the result of lies spread by the scientific community then I have a real problem with it. Hopefully the forthcoming UN report will force many world leaders to admit that the science was wrong.

Even scientists make mistakes, but it will be interesting to see the reaction to these forthcoming reports. You will get a huge "tell" when you see the reaction or lack of reaction by the Obama Administration. My guess is that there will be no reaction at all in Washington. They will act as if these findings do not even exist.
Why? It's because environmental policies tend to have very little to do with the environment. These policies are often times excuses to push agendas.

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