Friday, October 4, 2013


Common Cor critics converge at Capitol
Wisconsin Radio Network – Bob Hague – 10/4/2013

“We take those standards and we make local decisions involving our school boards and we determine what’s best for our children there,” said Neitzke. “These standards are much higher than anything we’d seen before. They frightened many of us, but now they are the lowest standards in our district.”

“Any districts adopting these standards, just practically cannot really personalize it to their district,” claimed Jeff Horn, a parent in the DeForest school district north of Madison. “There just won’t be enough time, and they’re going to get a ding for anything extra that they do.”

DPI plans to have the standards will be reflected in a new state standardized test which will be implemented next year.

“The Smarter Balance assessment exam, the content of textbooks and the curriculum are all tightly intertwined to allow strict management of knowledge, which can be easily hijacked into indoctrination and mind control, or what we used to call brainwashing,” said Jim Scott, a Common Core critic from Wisconsin Rapids.

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