Friday, October 4, 2013


 Tea party is terrifying the Financial Elite and it is a glorious thing
Godfather Politics – Mark Horne – 10/3/2013
The heads of the major money leaches financial institutions actually went to meet with Obama Wednesday to try to create some kind of opposition to the souce of their fears. As the New York Post reported, “Wall Street bosses come to White House in effort to fight shutdown.”

“When the lords of Wall Street came to the White House on Wednesday, they faced an uncommon political reality. The fat cats have little juice with the Tea Party. The heads of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America were among the pinstriped all-stars who met with President Obama. The mutual aim was clear. The lords want to make crystal-clear that the shutdown and potential default are disastrous and put the economic recovery at risk. Obama wants them to help break the legislative impasse by simply reiterating that message.”

The Tea Party is the only group successfully taking on the “one percent.” And while the media loved OWS as a failure, they hate the Tea Party as a success that is truly threatening the financial owners of this country. even came out and admitted that the big problem with the Tea Party Congressmen is that they cannot be bribed by the billionaires: “Wall Street angry at tea party it has no influence over,”

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