Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The Supreme Obstacle to Nullification
Jefferson Review - By John Knapp – 9/1/2013

This is a great article - Please read the entire link.

Are we to believe the 13 original sovereign states which formed the Union, and those 37 additional sovereign states which joined in due course, all unwittingly subjugated their sovereignty to the eventual suicide pact that this federal government has now become?

Did 50 originally-sovereign states, by agreeing to join the Union, all agree to become the eventual junior partners in come-what-may, unconstitutional, criminal, Godzilla federal tyranny? 

In time, and given enough public apathy and acquiescence, every government has - or will - become an insatiable, voracious, corrupt, tyrannical parasite on its people and its neighbors. That is the nature of government.

After having just fought the tyrannical British for their God-given freedoms and their right to self-determination, does our current government seem like something for which the founders would have been willing to die, or to have their descendants routinely settle for later?

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