Saturday, October 12, 2013


The 7% and the $500 Million
Grass Root Journal – Jay Batman – 10/11/2013

Premiums up
Deductible up
Demand down
Costs up - WAY up

As Digital Trends points out in its devastating critique of, the exchanges cost more than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Spotify in their first half decades or so of existence.  Those sites all work for their customers; does not.  In fact, and its affiliated federally facilitated exchanges (FFEs) managed to sign up a whopping 51,000 Americans according to internal HHS sources.  

That would put and the FFEs on pace to top 2 million enrollees the first year, far lower than the 7 million projected and needed for Obamacare to remain viable.

Simply put, the exchanges represent a vast money pit, with HHS projecting $2 billion in costs to build out and operate the FFEs in 2014 alone. The GAO’s own report outlines $303 billion spent so far among just 10 contractors, including $88 million to GGI Federal to build the website and its related sites.  When contacted by the Daily Caller for comment on a story about the failures of, CGI Federal’s response was typical: “No comment.”

No comment on the $88 million that went down the drain, no comment on the abysmal failure of the website designed with that $88 million, no comment at all. When Digital Trends contacted Health and Human Services for comment, they got no reply at all, not even a “No comment.”

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