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Quitting government unions made easy, thanks to website
Wisconsin Reporter – Ryan Ekvall – 10/7/2013

The Education Action Group, a conservative education reform organization, and Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, a conservative public interest law firm, sponsor the new website,

The site generates an automated letter.
“I object to paying any further union dues, fees, or assessments. I demand that you issue a refund of any prepaid dues to which I am entitled. This letter is also notice that I hereby revoke any agreement in place to automatically deduct union dues, fees, or assessments from my earnings or from any of my accounts or to charge such fees on my credit card.”

“Any further collection of dues or fees from me will violate my rights under Wisconsin law,” concludes the letter.

Teachers can print the letter and send it in to their union representative and employer.

Some 400 unions representing more than 60,000 school district employees will face re-certification elections in November, meaning government union membership in Wisconsin could plunge even further.

New website reminds Wisconsin teahers they are allowed to resign from unions, tells them how to do it
EAG – Steve Gunn, a new website sponsored by Education Action Group and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, reminds teachers that they don’t have to belong to any branch of WEAC, the American Federation of Teachers or any other teachers union.

As the website says, under Act 10, “union membership is completely voluntary. You cannot legally be fired from your job or be penalized for belonging to a union or refraining from membership.

“Before Act 10, unions could require nonmembers as a contingency of employment to pay agency fees to cover the costs associated with collective bargaining. Since Act 10, nonmembers can no longer be forced to pay agency fees or otherwise be forced to make mandatory contributions to their union.”
Since the law changed, many school districts have been recruiting and negotiating with veteran teachers, with no salary restrictions. School districts are now free to pay whatever they can afford to attract reputable teachers, and teachers are free to accept higher salaries.

Some Wisconsin school administrators have reported offering teachers from other districts raises of $10,000 or more to make the switch.
“I think, over the next few years, a lot of Wisconsin educators will be excited to learn about their increased value on the open market,” Olson said. “Teachers are extremely important professionals, and community school districts are under a lot of pressure from parents to attract the best possible educators.
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