Friday, October 11, 2013


Pro-Life activist changes the world one person at a time
LifeNews – MaggenStone – 10/10/2013

Volunteers hand out ‘The Advocate,’ on college campuses and in front of abortion offices.  The magazine details baby development and the abortion procedure.  Handing this out saves lives when young Moms and young Dads see the truth.

I remember handing the magazine to a young male who told me that is was too late because his girlfriend was already inside. … I asked him to read the magazine anyway… I watched him flip through the pages in his car from the sidewalk. I watched him hold his head in his hands, and he let out a gut-wrenching sigh. … He held his head in his hand and kept saying, “This is me. I am that boyfriend who takes my girlfriend for more than one abortion.” He got out his cellphone and tried to call her and then sobbed that it was really too late. BUT…he said he would NOT be bringing her back. He also said IF ONLY YOU WERE HERE AN HOUR EARLIER! That statement really got me, because I am only one person, and as many people we have on our team it is often hard to cover and catch all the abortion hours at each mill.
Northwoods Patriots - Standing up for Faith, Family, Country

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