Thursday, October 31, 2013


Nearly 200 cities pass laws discriminating against Christians
Godfather Politics – Dave Jolly – 9/30/2013

Gay activists are successfully getting laws passed in cities around the country that discriminate against Christians.  The laws are called nondiscrimination laws by the LGBT activists pushing through one city council after another.  So far, over 180 cities have passed these so-called nondiscrimination ordinances.

In essence the laws provide special protection to LGBT individuals while at the same time; they place huge restrictions on the religious rights of Christians.  For instance, the San Antonio city council voted 8-3 to pass their ordinance that bans any form of discrimination based upon sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Their ban went so far as to forbid anyone who does not openly accept or support gay rights from conducting any business with the city.  Violating the ordinance is a Class C misdemeanor that could result in a fine of up to $500 per day.

Today, we find nearly 200 cities with nondiscriminatory ordinances.  By the end of the year the number will most likely be well over 200.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see a federal law passed sometime before the end of 2014 that discriminates against Christians and provides the special protection for gays.  If left unchecked, by the end of 2015 we could well see any public show of Christianity to be outlawed because it offends someone somewhere.  No one cares about offending Christians because we’re just lower class citizens anyway.

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