Saturday, October 12, 2013


Obamacare technical problems worsen
Breitbart – John Nolte – 10/11/2013

The Washington Post reports that the ObamaCare site problems are even worse than originally believed. It is not just the buyer-end of the ObamaCare website that is unworkable, so is the back end that is supposed to tell insurance providers who their new customers are. This might also explain why the White House is refusing to release to the media the number of ObamaCare enrollees: they just don't know.

The problems stem from a feature of the online marketplace’s computer system that is designed to send each insurer a daily report listing people who have just enrolled. According to several insurance industry officials, the reports are sometimes confusing and duplicative. In some cases, they show — correctly or not — that the same person enrolled and canceled several times on a single day.

The only possible silver lining in this for the administration might be that the sporadic reports of the shockingly low number of enrollees are incorrect. More people might be signing up that what those reports suggest. Unfortunately for them, their insurance providers just don't know it.

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