Friday, March 30, 2012


Right Side News – J. D. Longstreet – 3/30/2012

The EPA's recent move toward strangling the coal-fired electricity generating plants in America is another power grab by the "greenies" in the US government.  If not stopped by the Congress these new regulations will close and shutter dozens of coal-fired plants around the country and thousands upon thousands of workers in the electricity generating business, and businesses associated with them, will be out of a job.

We are looking at a shortage of electricity in America if Congress does not vacate these regulations.  Rolling blackouts will be common here (in America) as they already are in developing countries. 

Solar panels are great for powering driveway lights and small weather stations and such.  But to power a single city, like New York or Los Angles, you'd need an area larger than the size of Nebraska with nothing but solar panels twinkling at the sky. 

Windmills are a joke.  Unfortunately they are a lethal joke to the thousands of birds slaughtered by those whirling blades every year.  Today's windmills stand as much as two hundred to three hundred feet tall and their blades span as much as three hundred feet across.  They are monsters.

The Environmental Protection Agency has become a rogue agency.  It is power hungry and it has an agenda.  That agenda is based on a lie and a hoax, but it makes little difference because the EPA has the power to FORCE Americans to abide by the will of the EPA or be destroyed.  There is another agenda, akin to a "back story" to the pubic agenda of the EPA and that is the furtherance of socialism in America

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