Sunday, March 25, 2012


Big Green Wants to Repeal the Industrial Revolution – Part 1
EPA – Marita Noon – 3/13/2012
Transportation, Modern Conveniences, Health, Housing

‘Energy Freedom’ – Part 2
EPA – Marita Noon – 3/14/2012
The environmental movement has been hijacked and the rank-and-file tree hugger is being used. Today the Birkenstock, love-bead wearers have grown up. They wear suits when needed, and they lobby Washington. Working with big budgets and contributions from wealthy foundations, they have almost unlimited tax-free dollars to push their agenda. They have cadres of attorneys with the sole goal of stopping things—attacking private property rights and free enterprise—in the name of saving nature. Their efforts are connected—if not coordinated.

There have probably always been people who don’t like America—but they became outspoken in the 1960’s. They have been subtly working behind the scenes and most of us have paid no attention. We were sleeping and our freedoms have eroded.

‘Energy Freedom’ – Part 3
EPA – Marita Noon – 3/15/2012
Spotted owl, DDT, Ethtanol

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