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U.N. Biospheres: A Scheme to Control People and Their Land
News with -- Carole Williams – 2/24/2012

Read the entire article because the Northwoods is a prime target of this tactic.

Through the acquisition of more and more public land and subsequent control of how it may and may not be used by the human species, the bioreserves’ perimeters expand. They can overlap on a “landscape” scale into great swaths of highly controlled land, hundreds of miles in all directions. Most are connected with one another through buffered “migration corridors”. Like a malignant cancer, they’re never stagnant, and as they metastasize, they leave a path of industrial destruction and poverty in their wake.

The object of the Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB) truly isn’t to preserve “biodiversity, but rather to gain jurisdiction over the Earth’s entire surface and control resources - air, water, land, timber, minerals - and all forms of life, including human beings and their pets. Most, if not all forty-seven known UN-US Biospheres sit atop America’s most valuable underground resources, which in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan includes uranium and the world’s richest deposit of native copper, among many other precious commodities. In the northern Lower Peninsula, it’s primarily gas and oil.

In truth, the conglomeration of international MAB land-grabbing thieves’ end goal is to hold the Earth’s entire land and air surface hostage as Gang Green manipulates people into cooperating with their scheme, one way or another.

To control bioreserve integrity and restore land to pre-European settlement (pre-Columbian) condition, land use must be severely restricted or halted altogether because eco-environmentalists consider human activity to be the greatest stress factor that purportedly destroys the essential wholeness of various ecosystems within the Bioreserves.

UNESCO’s MAB Program is a world network of Biospheres controlled through the partnership of international and national governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) collaborating to keep the manipulative scheme rolling at the national, state, and local level

This article lists many organizations and programs that support biospheres, organizations with nice sounding names.

GREAT LAKES:  . . . project is now an internationally directed bi-national plot to control land use and water resources in each of the eight states and Canadian provinces surrounding the Great Lakes and the tributaries running into each.

Almost every Biosphere from coast to coast is situated where there’s an important water resource, and more Biospheres will be designated unless citizens become irate enough to force their U.S. legislators to halt the whole U.N. Biosphere business in America.

In 1968, just prior to Richard Nixon’s election, there was a UNESCO “Biosphere Conference” and the Biosphere Reserve concept was laid out. The Nixon administration gave birth to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is now under the gun for issuing more and more restrictive environmental regulations. The agency has become a handy tool for rabid eco-environmentalists who don’t want industrial smokestacks mucking up their pristine ecosystems.

In 1970 the UN’s Man and the Biosphere program surfaced to set the bioreserve scheme in motion. The U.S. joined the MAB Program in 1974 when the State Department signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” (not a treaty) and pledged that the U. S. would adhere to Biosphere conditions and limitations laid down by UNESCO.

There’s no national law mandating that Biospheres be designated in the United States. Regardless, through a “Memoranda of Understanding”, and at last count, there are forty-seven known UN-US Biospheres in America.

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