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Problems with Affirmative Action Liberals Refuse to Acknowledge
Patriot Update – David L. Goetsch – 3/30/2012

Affirmative action was originally conceived as a way to eliminate discrimination in hiring practices and in college admissions.  Ironically, in actual practice affirmative action attempts to end discrimination by discriminating.  Those being discriminated against as a result of affirmative action, particularly in the case of college and university admissions, more often than not are white and Asian students who score higher than the black students who are given their seats in the Freshman class.

The new rationale for maintaining affirmative action in college admissions is that the program promotes diversity.  Race is hardly the only aspect of diversity.  What about religion, worldview, politics, geography, and a host of other characteristics that make people different? 

Why stop at the classroom?  Why not apply affirmative action to the football, basketball, and baseball teams?  If a black applicant who scores low on the SAT can be admitted to college over an Asian who scores high, why shouldn’t a short, fat, white kid who cannot shoot or jump be admitted to the college’s basketball team over a tall black kid?

Since more than 70 percent of college and university professors identify themselves in surveys as either “liberal” or “very liberal,” colleges and universities are violating their own justification for affirmative action.

Congress needs to ask themselves a hard question: Is it time to eliminate affirmative action as a government program? 

Robert J. Kriegel, who once wrote: “SACRED COWS MAKE THE BEST BURGERS.”

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  1. Even though the price of AA is far greater than the benefits, a whole industry of politicians, educators, intellectuals and race-sellers have their careers, egos, money, and ideology all deeply invested in keeping it.

    In short, people don't sacrifice their own self interest for the greater good.